• Click2Social SaaS Platform seamlessly connects online world with terrestrial broadcast. In Partnership with and integrated with Athensa Advanced Graphics, the platform curates content from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and pushes moderated posts in near real time with full media files ( pictures, videos, sound, boomerang, vine) to any second of the broadcast, whether the program is aired live or pre-recorded.
  • Click2Social is also capable of connecting to any data source via XML to derive information in real time to create Dynamic Content Optimised Banner or Spot ads. This gives the advertisers freedom in content and flexibility to change campaigns on the go as it is done in digital world.

Benefits to the Broadcaster

  • Using the Click2Social SaaS platform, the broadcaster has the ability to turn all of its channels interactive with full contents curated from social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Younger audience has the chance to converse with the broadcast in real time, increasing view ratings, hence creating an opportunity to earn more for the broadcaster.
  • The Click2Social platform offers 2 new and innovative ad products that the broadcasters can use to increase their revenues. The first one is social media integrated TV commercials ( banners or spots ) and the second is Dynamic Creative Optimised Ads ( DCO ), which connects to online websites to curate real time data to create banners and spots.

Benefits to the Advertising Brands

  • Traditionally, commercials on terrestrial broadcast have been about brand exposure. With Click2Social platform, advertisers can now see a real connection with their TV commercials and online sales.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimized Ads ( DCO ) give the ability to connect online campaigns to terrestrial broadcast and increase the reach of the campaign, at the same time, using ratings data, campaigns can be optimised in real time to maximise sales.
  • Social media campaigns can now be connected to TV commercials, or ads with content curated from social media platforms can be created in real time to increase interaction of the brand with its customers
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