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Rebrand software

Posted by:Alexander Nikiforov

ATHENSA makes rebranding available to all its partners and clients

ATHENSA now lets you rebrand all its software modules and make them look according to your brand personality. Change the skin, use your own logo or name them the way you like in order to attract new business, it’s all up to you.Re-branding is great for you for a few simple reasons:

  • Your customers are one of your greatest assets. They love your brand and they love your service: you have great reputation. You can now use the re-branding option to strengthen your relationship with your customers.
  • By re-branding the software you virtually eliminate your local competition. This means that all your marketing efforts are only beneficial to your brand and you can choose a price point for your products that best fits your overall marketing strategy.
  • No need to hire your own R&D team. The ATHENSA professionals will always implement the latest technology achievements to get the most of the solutions provided. Receiving updates, getting new features, and relying on the best support team lets you focus on the business you do best.
  • ATHENSA will advertise your brand: tradeshows, our website, etc. will be an extension to your own marketing effort.

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