License Policy

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions has very flexible pricing and license policy. We use a perpetual license model and a subscription-based pricing model.

Perpetual licence

This is the traditional license model when you purchase the software and pay a yearly based Annual Software Maintenance and Technical Support (ASM&TS) fee. It gives you access to all updates and upgrades, real-time monitoring and support, etc. For more information, please check our Maintenance and Support Program.

Software as a subscription

This subscription-based license model presents two options – annual subscription and monthly subscription. It allows users to pay for the period they would use the software only. For that period they will have access to the updated and upgraded versions of the software and all support services.

Which model to choose

Your decision depends on whether you like to own the software and have the cash flow to buy it. If you prefer to own the software and have the money for the initial investment, we advise you to go with the perpetual licence. If you don’t insist on ownership and don’t have the money for the investment – you can go with the subscription option. In case you hesitate about what decision to make you can start with the subscription model and later go with the perpetual licence.

Bonus packs

For our loyal partners and customers who renew their expired ASM of one of the following products:

  • X-Pert Advanced Playout, 
  • X-Pert Advanced Playout & Graphics Bundle or 
  • X-Pert Advanced Channel-in-a-Box

We offer special bonus packs. Check the offer here.

If you need more information, please send your requests to or to our local partners.

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