Maintenance & Support Program


Our Annual Software Maintenance and Technical Support (ASM&TS) program is a comprehensive support program available on a yearly subscription basis. The program provides quick and thorough assistance to specific issues, involving you in the process.

When you purchase an ASM&TS you receive:

  • Upgrades to all new versions of your purchased software released during maintenance subscription.
  • Access to all software updates and bug fixed.
  • Experienced software support through e-mail, chat, phone is available at no charge.
  • Use of real time monitoring via Telegram application.
  • Real time monitoring of X-Pert Support department when agreed by user and dealer.
  • Workflow, system and configuration improvement suggestions by X-Pert support senior engineers.

The cost of the renewal for 1 year is 20% of the product price for Advanced product line and 40% for the Naked product line, without exception.

Please, have in mind, that no free support and maintenance will be provided for the licenses with expired ASM&TS contracts. No exceptions will be made regardless of whether the channel is on air or off air.

Pre-expiry date renewal. ASM&TS contracts renewals conducted before the ASM&TS expiration date receive a 10% discount on the price.

Post-expiry date renewal. Expired ASM&TS contracts can be renewed at any time. The start date of the new ASM&TS contract will be the date of ASM&TS expiration.


X-Pert Support

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