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X-Pert Advanced Graphics now integrated with Click2Social

Posted by:Ivaylo Krastev

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions announces the successful integration of X-Pert Advanced Graphics with Click2Social, SaaS platform which bridges the digital world with TV broadcasting in a fully customizable way. A first of its kind, the platform enables TV channels to broadcast Dynamic Creative Optimized Ads in real time.

Click2Social is a platform developed to collect and re-publish data from any data source on TV and other digital platforms in real time. The platform connects to most major data sources such as social media platforms right out of the box. API integration with any other platform is also possible. Once Click2Social is connected to data source, brand managers can monitor the data flow and decide which content to publish through moderation in real time.

With Click2Social advertisers can utilize their User Generated Content with full media files from a campaign hashtag and socialize their TV commercials. The content can be aired in near real time, making the TV commercial a two-way conversation with the viewers. Any brand with an e-commerce operation can also push live product information such as text, image or stock info to a targeted audience based on TV Nielsen data. This results in immediate impact on sales from a TV commercial which traditionally is a brand exposure medium.

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