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Company overview:

Babylon Media … Was established in Holland in 1998 by the two brothers, who have experience in TV arts and Media Production. In 2005 the company decided to transfer its work and experience to this Region to offer its experience to the area, especially the development becomes promising for brilliant future in communications and media.

We are an all-media solutions company. Companies of any size look to Babylon Media for the edge they need in the competitive Kurdistan market.

Territory of operation:

Iraq, Kurdistan

Products overview:

Event – With over 30 concerts conducted in the Kurdistan Region, Babylon Media is the first company artists look to in order to have a successful concert.

TV Show
Contest shows, talks shows, political shows, cultural shows, you know it and Babylon Media has done it in the past. With state of the art Green Room and multiple studio venues, Babylon Media is the ideal choice for a TV program to be recorded.

The largest green room in the Kurdistan region was built in 2014 in Babylons headquarters. Companies of any size can now record cutting edge videos with the latest lighting technology for advertisements, music videos, TV shows, documentaries, and much more.

Record Studio
Our state of the art recording studio is perfect for any kind of advertisement or program recording. Artists in Kurdistan now have the option of recording a high quality CD right here in Erbil, instead of paying thousands of dollars in Turkey.

Live broadcasting
Babylon Media is trusted with important live events for well over 5 years. From Qatari-based BeIN Sport channel to Dubai based Al-Arabiya, Babylon Media uses the latest technologies with OBVan to transmit live events such as football games and talk shows.
In 2014, Babylon Media signed a deal for the lease of a regional transponder on Yahlive, a UAE-based satellite broadcasting company.
With 13 TV channels already on Yahlive including Korek TV and Kanal 4, Babylon Media plans to add at least four more exclusive TV channels on Yahlive’s East beam.
With the agreement, all Iraqi based televivion channels will go through Babylon Media’s headquarters to broadcats to the world through Yalive Satellite.

Babylon Media holds the sole advertisement license to many television and radio station based in the Kurdistan region. Other media companies come to Babylon to get the lowest advertisement rates, be it for television, radio, or outdoor in the city of Erbil.

With over 10 radio stations set up under our belt, we team of experts are ready to build any kind of radio station, customized to our clients needs. Our first radio station we build, Babylon FM, is today a leading station in Erbil metropolitan area, with the latest technology delivering the best audio quality. We have built all kinds of stations from entertainment to news Services.

With the growing need of top quality designing for studios and international fairs, Babylon Akar was established in 2011. Today companies such as Toyota and Korek Telecom look to Babylon for all decoration and designing needs. With Babylon Akar, your company will be ready for any kind of international fair or special event. With the latest machines, no type of designing is impossible. Let us know what you are picturing, and we can turn it into a reality.

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Two Side, Ankawa, Erbil

Phone: +964 750 303 9494

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