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Official Announcement from X-Pert Multimedia Solutions Team

Posted by:Alexander Nikiforov

Dear Customers, Dealers and Partners,

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions was established in the end of 2016. For this year and a half we have managed to develop an own brand of broadcast technology solutions and are continuing to update our product portfolio to the latest technology innovations. Although our team consists of the core Athensa developers and managers we would like to announce that X-Pert Multimedia Solutions is a separate company with different technology, support and pricing policy. Our goal is to provide reliable products and exemplary level of customer support and services. An indispensable part of this process are our dealers, which are fully engaged in product integration and support in each country we are present.

Since our establishment we have been constantly updating our products to meet the requirements of our clients. Your support during this time has allowed us to run responsible operations and to continue to supply our customers with high quality products and for that we thank you. We value the important relationship we have developed with your organization and we will continue to work closely with you into the future.

We would like to announce that all the information regarding our product portfolio, dealers in each country and latest news is available at our website. If you have any questions, please donā€™t hesitate to contact us.

We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.


X-Pert Multimedia Solutions Team

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