X-Pert Multimedia Solutions Powers TV ASTA with Its Channel-in-a-Box
April 11, 2022 Comments Closed

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions Powers TV ASTA with Its Channel-in-a-Box

Posted by:Maya Boycheva

The contract with the Polish TV channel includes several additional developments and software customization

TV ASTA, a Polish regional television, based in Pila, relies on X-Pert Multimedia Solutions Channel-in-a-Box (a bundle of X-Pert Playout, X-Pert Graphics, and X-Pert Ingest) for ensuring smooth and automated broadcast processes. The channel covers the north-western part of Poland, mainly Wielkopolska and Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeships with broadcast coverage of approximately 500 000 viewers. 

“What we like most about X-Pert Multimedia Solution products is the ability to move graphic projects to a new server without the necessity to create a new one”, explained Krzysztof Czajkowski, Studio Manager of TV ASTA. “We are very satisfied with our cooperation and with the technical support in particular. They provide an immediate reaction to every reported issue via online chat service, where it is possible to discuss and solve the problem easily”.

Krzysztof Czajkowski TV Asta

Software Customization

Besides the software integration and the Annual Subscription and Maintenance license, the contract of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions and TV ASTA also includes software customization. X-Pert Playout was adapted to the content of the client. In addition, support for Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 Switch was added. 

Almost every project needs additional development according to the requirements of the client, its workflow, devices, protocols used, etc. So, it’s not something new to make such additional developments, as we did for TV ASTA”, said Ludmil Kushinov, CEO of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions. “Our main goal is to make our customers happy, no matter the development and support efforts we invest”. 

The project with TV ASTA was further enlarged by adding X-Pert Quality Check and X-Pert Playout Automated Loudness Control.

“TV ASTA offers quality reportage and entertainment programs customized for the local market. It has also a Film Production Department specialized in commercial works, short films, and branded series like Wielkopolska Travel. We are more than proud that we can boost the quality of its services with the products we offer”, said Artur Wiacek, CEO of WAMM Video Solutions, the official partner of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions in Poland.

TV Broadcast Process

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions product list covers the whole three steps of the TV broadcast process: broadcast delivery, process improvement, and redundancy. The first step includes the flagship products X-Pert Playout, X-Pert Ingest, and X-Pert Graphics, the bundle X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box, and  X-Pert List. X-Pert List is included in X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box for free but could be bought alone also. The second step, process improvement, gives additional value and functionalities to clients’ software infrastructure. Here are listed X-Pert Playout Control, X-Pert Content Replicator, X-Pert Compact MAM, and X-Pert Quality Check. The third step, redundancy, is the way to make the client’s system more reliable. Here come X-Pert Backup Supervisor and X-Pert IP Switch.

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