X-Pert Ingest (XI) enables multiple channels of HD or SD content to be captured from HD/SD SDI digital feeds, analogue sources and MPEG transport streams. Four video sources can be monitored on a single screen and controlled via a new streamlined user interface. Audio levels can be monitored as loudness or true peak displays and adjusted when required.

Ingested content is available for playback within a few seconds of the capture start. In addition, the solution includes capture list import from third-party traffic systems. Moreover, it supports CEA-608/708 closed captioning and automated VTR control via RS-422 with batch capture listing.

Key features

  • Four independent ingest channels in a single server*
  • Scheduled capturing of satellite feeds with automated channel switching
  • Comprehensive metadata handling (TCI, MTD creation)
  • HD capturing (optional)
  • File splitting based on duration
  • Multi-channel audio capturing (optional)
  • API available for OEMs
  • All 4 instances in a single screen
  • New streamlined user interface design
  • Adds metadata during ingest (position markers, notes, etc.)
  • Loudness/true peak audio meters are available for precise audio level fine-tuning
  • Automated RS-422 VTR control with batch capturing lists
  • Third-party traffic system capture list import
  • Closed captioning support under EIA-608/708 standards

*Number of available ingest channels depends on used capture compression and hardware resources

Newest Features

  • SRT support
  • IP RTMP/HLS/RTSP/MPEG-2 DASH stream source.
  • NVidia GPU hardware acceleration for H264/HEVC encoding content and IP feeds.
  • Intel CPU/GPU hardware acceleration for H264/HEVC encoding content.

Learn more about the product features here: X-Pert Ingest product documentation.

X-Pert Ingest comes in two options: X-Pert Basic Ingest and X-Pert Advanced Ingest.

X-Pert Basic Ingest versus X-Pert Advanced Ingest

Features X-Pert Basic Ingest X-Pert Advanced Ingest
Ingesting plug-in Limited (muse only) All – IP dump and muse
Capturing mode Limited (manual) Yes
Schedule capturing mode No Yes
CC handling No (limited in live editor) Yes
Switchers/matrix control No Yes
Multiaudio (more than 1 stereo pair) No Yes
GPI/DTMF/API in/out No Yes
File splitting No Yes
Burning date/time No Yes
Use IP streaming (re-streaming) No Yes
Multi channel capturing No Yes
Capture list open/save No Yes
Multi-instance No Yes
Nvidia HW decoding acceleration H264 No* Yes
Nvidia HW decoding acceleration HEVC No* Yes
Nvidia HW encoding acceleration H264 No* Yes
Nvidia HW encoding acceleration HEVC No* Yes
Technical support E-mail only Telegram live chat, e-mail, phone

*Will be available soon as option.


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