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Playout control is important. Multi-playout management is mandatory. X-Pert Playout Control (XPC) is a user-friendly solution for monitoring and control of single or multiple playout channels.

Easy access for groups of playout applications

XPC software can be used via web browser in your local network or via the public Internet. As well, the user-friendly interface allows you to make customization views.

Supports multi-user access, as well as an unlimited number of customers. Furthermore, the user controlling and monitoring actions can be limited per role or per server. Correspondingly, the roles and the access limitations guarantee correct playout management.

The roles are as follows:

  • System manager
  • View only
  • Playlist editor
  • Control operator
  • File uploader
  • Full access

Monitoring & controlling multiple X-Pert Playouts

You may view or control single or multiple groups of X-Pert Playout applications. The monitoring and management processes can be easily organized due to the user roles.

Adding playlist and media folders management

You may add and use playlists and folders for each X-Pert Playout server. In other words, you can organize your playout with offline playlist creation, editing, and remote file uploading.

Quick Playout Control buttons

The user-friendly interface has its own playlist control bar. As well, you may use the quick buttons for playout and playlist control. 

Commands to X-Pert Playout

The XPC software includes various lists with commands. To put it more simply, it sends these commands directly to the X-Pert Playout applications. 

Logs – a tool for better control

The application generates status log information related to the currently selected X-Pert Playout instance. Besides, the message types are in different colors. As a result, you can detect what’s happening at first sight. This is especially valuable if any actions have to be taken.


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