X-Pert Channel-In-A-Box


X-Pert Channel-In-A-Box is an all-in-one bundle that includes Playout, Graphics, and Ingest. It integrates all the elements needed to keep a channel on air by combining automation, playout, and interactive graphics. It is suitable for broadcasting single or multiple TV channels. X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box can provide SDI or IP streaming connectivity for broadcast and cable televisions as well as other applications.

Playout, Graphics and Ingest in one solution

It provides a user experience where on a single server or computer can be performed in parallel Playout with CG branding and Ingest with a possibility to broadcast currently ingested content. Furthermore, it can work in full automation with predefined events or be controlled through remote API, as well as in operations in manual mode.

X-Pert Playout

X-Pert Playout is a fully automated broadcast software that can run as a standalone solution or in a Channel-in-a-Box configuration. In addition, its modular architecture makes it suitable for every professional who needs seamless content playout automation. X-Pert Playout is a 24/7 solution, available in UHD/HD/SD-SDI or IP streaming.

Main features

X-Pert Graphics

X-Pert Graphics is a state-of-the-art on-air CG and graphics manager with a very user-friendly interface. It helps you create projects with static or dynamic objects of all kinds: rolls, crawls, multi-layered simultaneous still pictures, digital and analog clocks, animated logos, etc. Additionally, the projects could be used for direct broadcasting or could be saved as customized templates for future use.

Main features

X-Pert Ingest

X-Pert Ingest enables capturing multiple channels of HD or SD content from HD/SD SDI digital feedsMPEG transport streams, and various types of IP streams. Its streamlined interface allows you to monitor and control up to four video sources on a single screen. In addition, you can monitor and adjust audio levels if needed.


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