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Versatile in nature and running as a standalone solution, X-Pert Playout (XP) provides the playout automation processes, necessary for the broadcast facilities. Its modular architecture makes it suitable for broadcasting organisations of any size as well as for media professionals who need seamless content playout automation. Available in UHD/HD/SD-SDI or IP streaming, it secures unattended operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MPEG2, AVC/H.264, HDV and DV compression scalability and hardware independence are the typical highlights of X-Pert Playout. Ideally suited for time-critical live operations. In addition, device support through GPI, RS232, and VDCP is also available. Above all, redundant playout makes it perfect for fail-safe environments.

The Multi Parallel Output (AP MPO) enables the running of two or more outputs. As a result, the broadcasters can easily provide parallel outputs in any combination. For example, UHD SDI, HD SDI, SD SDI (with real-time re-scaling) playout and IP streaming output, or output in H.264 (MPEG-4) and MPEG-2 at the same time.

X-Pert Playout supports MPEG1/2/H.264, HDV and DV streams from virtually every known production platform. It can provide AVI, MPEG, WMV, Quick Time, or MXF content. Files from third-party servers such as Leitch or Seachange are natively supported.

For live productions, any changes to the playlist during on-air sessions are possible. There are no queued or locked clips. Every clip in the playlist, except the one which is currently playing, can be trimmed, edited, or re-positioned. Moreover, you can change the playlist order on-the-fly with commands like “skip to next” or “jump”. Such order changes are performed without stopping the current session. Live productions are facilitated by the powerful Live Show Clipboard which allows the insertion and/or execution of various events or live streams.

Newest Features

  • Supports SRT* on both the encoding and decoding sides
  • Intel QSV hardware accelerated MPEG2/H264/HEVC decoding and MPEG2/H264/HEVC encoding
  • SCTE35 triggers reading and generation over the IP UDP transport stream
  • SCTE104 triggers reading and generation over SDI outputs (Decklink, AJA, Deltacast)
  • MPEG DASH dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP output
  • HLS HTTP live streaming IP output
  • Matroska Multimedia Container (.MKV) content supported in the playlist
  • Nvidia VGA hardware acceleration support for H264/AVC and H265/HEVC decoding
  • Targeted time code information to specific IP address
  • Support of audio-only content for radio, music, and informative channels playout automation purposes
  • Support of encrypted audio and/or video content
  • Fast forward feature. It provides more time for commercials in 24 hours standard scheduled playlists for movie channel purposes.
  • Grayscale option per output

You can learn more about the product features here: X-Pert Playout product documentation.

X-Pert Playout comes in two options: X-Pert Basic Playout and X-Pert Advanced Playout.

X-Pert Basic Playout versus X-Pert Advanced Playout

Features X-Pert Basic Playout X-Pert Advanced Playout
SD/HD output plugin Yes (MPO) Yes (MPO)
X-Pert Graphics NetControl (Commanding AG) Local Only Yes
Streaming option Yes (MPO) Yes (MPO)
MPO output Limited to 1 IP or SDI Yes
Live input (SDI/ IP stream) Limited (no CC support, single stereo pair only) Yes
Graphic rules Limited (3 rules & 3 properties) Yes
Logo Limited (1-4 logos) Yes
Backup option No Yes
External events (incl. GPI/DTMF, Router/Matrix, LTC OUT, NetSender) No Yes
DTMF in/GPI in/LTC in No Yes
Multi audio (more than 1 stereo pair) No Yes
Quality control/loudness normalization No Yes
Dolby Digital AC3 No Yes
API control No Yes
Time events No Yes
Playlist import (CSV) No Yes
Multi-instance No Yes
NDI live input and output No** Yes
RTMP input and output streaming No** Yes
Nvidia HW decoding acceleration H264 No** Yes
Nvidia HW decoding acceleration HEVC No** Yes
Nvidia HW encoding acceleration H264 No** Yes
Nvidia HW encoding acceleration HEVC No** Yes
Technical support E-mail only Telegram live chat, e-mail, phone

**Will be available soon as an option.


* Click here to find out more information regarding the SRT technology



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