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X-Pert List is an easy to use offline playlist editor, that helps you plan, create and schedule playlists for your automated broadcast playout system.

Unlimited playlist editing and scheduling

X-Pert List has all the features necessary for editing any playlist no matter whether it is an ordinary playlist for manual load or a scheduled one for automated playback. Editors’ actions such as copy/paste/cut/search and etc. are available to facilitate your work. Metadata adding/editing per media are also accessible if necessary.

Built-in powerful trimmer

A powerful clip trimmer is available when needed to slip the clip or to adjust in and out point in order to play the desired part of the clip. And the good news is that there is no need of additional transcoding process or transcoded files. It will leave your original content untouched and the playout will play only the defined by you parts.

On-air playlist editing

The playlist can be edited in real time without disturbing the broadcasting. You can easily switch to the next item when you are on-air and the playlist will be updated accordingly without any interruptions.

Third party applications integration

X-Pert List supports import of XML (Extensible Markup Language) playlist for traffic systems and other applications that generate proper playlist. Apart from external applications X-Pert List is fully integrated with X-Pert Compact MAM, giving the operators an opportunity to enjoy smooth transfer of applied metadata from database.

Automatic gap generation

When fixed time is applied and there is a need to fill the gap between clips, an automatic gap generation feature comes to your aid and helps you to create a playlist.

No powerful hardware required

X-Pert List can be used on any hardware – from the entry level computer to the powerful production preparation station.

Huge variety of media formats and codecs supported

As natively used playout engine X-Pert List is able to use mixed content for the playlists without limitation of the singe format or of the container used per playlist. Formats from PAL and NTSC up to UHD and 4K progressive content can be applied to your brand new playlists.

For free in X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box and X-Pert Playout

X-Pert List is included in X-Pert Channel-In-A-Box and X-Pert Playout software licenses for free, at no additional costs.


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