Atrio X-Pert Atrio

Atrio is a leading-edge playout solution, developed on top of the X-Pert Playout experience and functionalities. As its predecessor it guarantees a fully automated broadcasting playout process, but in a totally revamped manner. Atrio has a next-gen interface, characterised by extreme flexibility and simplicity. Thus it guarantees an improved customer experience and reduced usage of system resources. The brand-new scheduled playlist business logic provides flexible functionalities that improve the automation systems’ integrations and helps the operators in their daily routine of broadcasting content. Atrio comes bundled with Multi-Monitor for a better preview of the received live feed that can be played on air. It is delivered through the convenience of a subscription pricing model.

Scheduled Playlists

Now you can forget about the Daily playlists, as you can schedule a playlist for any period of time – day, hour, half an hour, etc. The Scheduled Playlists option is characterised by utmost flexibility, which speeds up the management of the process. And all this is provided without any compromise with the backward compatibility.

Flexible and intuitive user interface

Everyone will be impressed by how Atrio creates a sense of familiarity to the old customers by providing new possibilities and functionalities. The main Atrio interface follows the philosophy of X-Pert Advanced Playout making evolution of user experience with lots of smart new options. All the settings are combined for ease of use and quick control.

Advanced backup

Atrio provides a possibility for seamless switching between master and backup storage during playback, no matter whether it is a network or local storage.

Bundled with Multi-Monitor

Atrio comes bundled with Multi-Monitor. This gives a unique opportunity for every customer to monitor all the input signals from live broadcasts so that he can choose which one to broadcast on air.

Subscription-based solution

Atrio is delivered through the convenience of subscription, which makes it accessible even to small channels and seasonal projects.


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